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Lakeview Do you want a website but feel a little overwhelmed with all the details like what is web hosting?

Actually, like anything else you use the more you use learn about your website the easier all the terms and details are to understand.
Here is a brief look at getting started:
First, you need a website name [domain name]. Your domain name will need to be registered and you may want to check with the to make sure the name is not already in use by a business.

If you have already have a business but not a website click here and put the name of the business in the start a domain search box. No spaces nor dashes and see if the name is available.

searching for domain name Lakeview

For more information see I Have a Website Name, Now What? Click here.

After you have registered your website name, the fee for is usually around ten us dollars per year, your website needs to be visible on the Internet twenty-four-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week. This is why web hosting in Lakeview and finding a good web host in Lakeview is so important.

When you search for web hosting on the Internet you will find many listings, which compare prices, bandwidth, space limits and special package deals. It is important to search the web for additional information on the web host. Some additional items to consider; what kind of customer comments are there for this webhost provider, what are people saying about the support service, is support limited or available 24/7, are there training videos or classes included in the price and how current is the information?

For myself, I use and highly recommend GVO web hosting service. They offer a superb package which includes auto-responder, easy video producer, have a fantastic support team along with great real-world training. There are pre-recorded videos, live training classes and recordings from previous classes plus a great group of online people willing to share and discuss information and tips.

Click here to see information on GVO hosting plus package Lakeview.

If you want a website but do not have time for the training involved. I offer a special on web hosting for small business Lakeview. Website setup and hosting for one year for $60 US dollars. Additional one-time fee for hosting seo and custom changes or additions. Send an email to and include “Website special” in the subject line.

Do you remember when you did not have email? Now it is so easy to have a website which displays your business products, showcases your favorite hobbies or links to your favorite purchased items and make commissions that soon everyone will have a website or two.

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