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Are people watching your video?  


Would you like to know how many viewers you have, when they log off and how many watch to completion?

Sniper tracking for tracking video stats  works with Easy Video so you do need the suite of GVO tools and the offer also includes:

Instant Testimonial Generator just send your request with a link – they click record then approve or edit & approve and the testimonial video is up on your site.

Instant Audio Generator for your great teleconference calls or webinars, now you can stream the audio right from your website or place the MP3 there for people to download.

Right now these three tools;  Video tracking, Instant Testimonial Generator and Instant Audio Generator are priced so low the creators are in the process of raising the price.  And this amazingly low price only lasts until Midnight, April 28th.


$19.97 and then a low monthly fee of $7.97 for all three!

GVO full suite of toolsclick here

Video tracking plus through GVO Easy Video system – click here

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